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Our case study breakdown below shows how we used creative services, in tandem with Bethany College Athletics, to give their weight room a face lift! Click here to get access to the downloadable PDF version.


Corporate holiday gatherings are usually a highly anticipated event to celebrate a year of hard work. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to get creative with their end-of-the-year celebrations for 2020. Our client wanted to ensure their employees (both near and far) knew how much they valued their hardwork during an unprecedented year of working from home.

Strategy & Execution

Taking their love of celebration to heart, The Sourcing Group worked with the client to develop a virtual “Party-In-A-Box” kit with contents that were specifically curated for their online event. Each participant was shipped a box with custom...


Our case study breakdown below shows how we used creative services, in tandem with Bethany College Athletics, to give their weight room a face lift! Click here to get access to the downloadable PDF version with BEFORE and AFTER pictures.


Bethany College is a strong member of the PAC Conference under NCAA Division III, and because of this, athletic recruiting is a huge part of their mission. The athletic director came to us in hopes of transforming their white-walled weight room into something that would impress recruits, inspire current athletes and evoke pride in alumni visiting their alma mater. They needed their facilities to stand out in their conference, showcase their Nike sponsorship and instill Bethany pride through and through.

Strategy & Execution

Since this project was centered around environmental design, the first step...

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It's always a great time to appreciate your employees! From a small token to a high-end gift, there are countless ways to show your gratitude for their hard work.

Our case study breakdown below follows our process of helping a healthcare system show they care. Click here to get access to the downloadable PDF version.


Following an unprecedented year with the pandemic, a healthcare system wanted to reward their caregivers with a special token of appreciation. The gift selection needed to be curated in a way to allow the recipient to feel their commitment and hardwork was valued. Over 5,000 employees were to be included, involving many different departments, seniority levels, and locations (delivery location was to be the employees’ homes due to ease on the client and COVID restrictions.)

Strategy & Execution

The Sourcing Group sourced...


The Sourcing Group is excited to share we have partnered with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program. The Sunflower Program seeks to create awareness in organizations, businesses, and other individuals for people with hidden disabilities. Wearing an item with the Sunflower allows a person to discreetly convey to others that they have a hidden disability and may need additional help, support or patience. For more information, please contact us at join.usa@hiddendisabilitiesstore.com today.

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The Sourcing Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of ImageX, a Pleasanton, CA company that specializes in servicing a wide array of clients from municipalities to

technology and bio-tech companies for their marketing collateral, promotional marketing and mailing service needs.

“We are excited to bring Glen and his team together with TSG so they can expand their suite of services by leveraging our enterprise technology platform” stated Dennis Clemente, President of The Sourcing Group.

“I decided to join forces with TSG as a means to enhance our technology offerings to our customers, and increase the types of services we can now provide in a fully integrated system” said Glen Douglas, President of ImageX.

“The addition of ImageX is very timely and complementary to our commitment to grow our business strategically. Glen and his team provide us with long standing, loyal customers that we can continue to work with as we grow our national footprint. ImageX brings $6.5mm in annual revenue, which brings TSG to our goal of $140mm in revenues for 2020”...


The United States Postal Service proposed a unique challenge. With an extensive knowledge of label design, production and manufacturing, TSG was up for the task and helped USPS craft a universal solution for their Surface Visability Program.

Our case study breakdown below follows our process of development, testing and how our solution has been implemented across the country! Click here to get access to the downloadable PDF version.


The USPS wanted to start a program tracking transported mail within the postal network of distribution centers. They needed bar code labels on rolling mail containers, dock doors of each USPS facility and the trailer fleet of transportation vehicles. Each bar code label needed to be protected for heavy use, extreme weather conditions and applied to various substrates along with “long term use” requirements. Guaranteed scanning...


We are all in this together, trying to keep our communities safe!

The Sourcing Group announced that they have completed fulfillment of Personal Protective Equipment for Albertsons Supermarkets across the United States. Albertsons approached our team requesting PPE for over 2000 supermarket locations across 34 states. The materials were part of a major push to ensure essential employee safety for COVID-19. The three month program was rolled out based on regional priorities, and was judged to be extremely successful.

For more information on TSG branded PPE products, see our website at https://www.thesourcinggroup.com/ppe-products


TSG is honored to work with the US Military designing and producing Challenge Coins. Every commander is given the opportunity to create a coin unique to their unit and their personality. Cherished as tokens of achievement, these coins are collected throughout a soldier’s years of service and are often passed down through generations with pride.

Our case study breakdown below follows the process of how and why these coins are produced and what kind of impact they make. Click here to get access to the downloadable PDF version.


With the uniform and structured environment of the United States Military, challenge coins are unique and valued pieces that are used to celebrate and commend acts of great service and valor from the soldiers. Every commander is given the opportunity to create a coin unique to their unit and their personality. Cherished as tokens of...


On June 9, 2020 The Sourcing Group announced the purchase of certain assets of Brand Alliance - US Companies. [, A Brand Company, Inc., BrandAlliance, LLC, Global Direct of NC, LLC, and Branded Business Support, LLC,] out of a foreclosure sale commenced by the companies’ senior secured lender effective close of business June 8th.

In connection with the acquisition, a number of BrandAlliance salespeople have also agreed to join TSG. Combining their talented skills, with the dedicated support staff of TSG, provides a path forward for the fastest growing business process outsourcing company in our industry.

“In addition to the acquisition of the BrandAlliance US assets, we are thrilled to have such experienced, energetic salespeople join our family. They are a great fit for our company and will enable TSG to continue to expand our suite of services in the premium & promotional marketplace, as well as expand TSG's reach into our other service areas including marketing collateral, operational print, labels and packaging” said Joe Falcone, COO.

“We are excited to...


At the recent EFI Connect 2020 conference, Lynn Smith from The Sourcing Group spoke on the customer panel, sharing The Sourcing Group’s unique story. There was an in depth Q&A afterward to get more details on The Sourcing Group it's a premier partner in the this print-related Business Process Optimization (BPO) space. Follow the link to read the full interview.

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Technically speaking, Rocket Girl isn’t a real person (we know—big surprise.) Her character, however, embodies the spirit of everyone here at The Sourcing Group. When developing our new website, we wanted to give a special nod to our people, who are responsible for creating incredible value for our customers each and every day. Rocket Girl encompasses the three key qualities that each of our associates possess:

We are Passionate

Just like our pint-sized hero, all of us at TSG will go to extreme lengths to achieve our mission. Our customers are our singular focus and we are passionate about serving them—it’s engrained in our DNA. We love when our clients challenge us and we have the opportunity to say “can do” when others would say “not possible.” Our team is just as dedicated to their craft. We actually geek out on all the technical aspects of print, promotional items, and apparel. In fact, we’re the type of people that go to lunch and talk about data processing and embroidery machines.

We are Resource-full

When faced with the goal...

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The Sourcing Group was recently featured in a case study written by one of our technology partners. Three years ago, a long-time healthcare client approached us regarding their intent to more purposefully manage ALL their print, marketing collateral, and branded merchandise going forward. Never before had a customer with so many buyers and locations attempted to strategically manage the purchase and distribution of these items. While we had always provided purchasing reports to buyers at every location, corporate had decided that being reactive was not enough. They wanted a system to help them control costs while also increasing the ROI of all of their branded assets.

Fast-forward to today, three years after TSG successfully implemented a fully integrated, cross-media management platform. This technology is allowing team members at the planning level to maintain visibility and control over costs, marketing flows, and brand integrity. Customer engagement campaigns, including direct mail, are now streamlined and/or fully-automated. Insights on campaign effectiveness...

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Let’s face it, not everyone has a sizable budget for promotional items. If you’re like me, there’s been a time in your life when you’ve had “SWAG Envy.” Someone else at a trade show, maybe even a competitor, had a more expensive, trendy giveaway item making their booth the talk of the show. There are worse things in the world, but let’s be honest…it’s a total letdown.

Here’s reassuring news: I’ve seen people spend ridiculous amounts of money on items and not generate a single sale out of their investment. I’ve also seen people spend a modest amount of money on less exciting items and achieve a fantastic return. There are any number of cool giveaway items out there, but remember that your end goal with a promotional product is to become top of mind. In other words, you want to generate Brand Recognition and beyond that, Brand Recall. What really matters most then is the Total Number of Impressions created by the item.

I bet you can think of at least one promotional product you received that seemed so exciting but ended up being a bust. I once received a...

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A few months ago my girlfriend received an offer to join a global technical services company. Her role as a Technical Editor allows her to work remotely here on the East Coast, which was a great selling point for her (and selfishly, for me too). During her onboarding, she received all of the obligatory legal-sized envelopes full of paperwork and documents outlining benefits and such. Along with those, she also received something that caught her completely off-guard…in a good way. While she was getting acquainted with her new MacBook Pro® (so jealous), an email arrived from her Human Resources department with directions for accessing the company's internal web store. The message also included a purchase code for a free “New Hire Package.” Seriously?

Of course, she immediately clicked on the link to investigate this mysterious “New Hire Package." When she read out loud the list of items included in the kit, I honestly couldn't believe it. I read the screen with my own eyes and it was exactly as she said: a backpack, softshell jacket, Contigo® water bottle, journal book, pens,...