Perfectly Personalized

A personal touch can go a long way! Click here for the downloadable PDF of the case study!


The COVID-19 pandemic caused a multi-year (and often permanent) shift in the way every single industry did business. The restaurant industry was turned upside-down and was forced to develop unique solutions to reach their customers and continue business through the tough years. The employees were in the thick of these issues. Toppers Pizza came to The Sourcing Group in search of a way to adequately recognize their team members that have been with them through thick and thin. They realized that employee appreciate was key to maintaining their company mission and morale.

Strategy & Execution

The long-standing relationship the account executive had with Toppers allowed us a strong perspective into their culture and the employee workforce. Products with full-color imprint options were sourced to allow their vibrant brand colors to shine and be well-represented in the gifting experience. It was also important to highlight the unique individual, as each employee’s history with the company told a different story.

Taking these considerations to heart, a fully-customizable high-end drinkware piece was chosen. The Sourcing Group’s Creative Team developed custom wrap graphics that took advantage of the large imprint area of the tumblers. In addition to the design, each employee’s name and start date was applied to the drinkware to create a personalized piece for each person. To round out the gift, a set of matching car coasters were also included.


The gifts were a huge success! The car coasters were a hit with all 75 employees, but the personalized tumblers with their name and date stole the show! Personalization may be an added detail to consider, but the positive outcomes are usually ten-fold. Due to the overwhelming success and employee response, it has opened up the door to other franchisees who are interested in gifting and highlighting employee appreciation. Happy employees, happy business!