Collegiate Pride Through Design

Our case study breakdown below shows how we used creative services, in tandem with Bethany College Athletics, to give their weight room a face lift! Click here to get access to the downloadable PDF version with BEFORE and AFTER pictures.


Bethany College is a strong member of the PAC Conference under NCAA Division III, and because of this, athletic recruiting is a huge part of their mission. The athletic director came to us in hopes of transforming their white-walled weight room into something that would impress recruits, inspire current athletes and evoke pride in alumni visiting their alma mater. They needed their facilities to stand out in their conference, showcase their Nike sponsorship and instill Bethany pride through and through.

Strategy & Execution

Since this project was centered around environmental design, the first step was to engage the The Sourcing Group creative team. The client had a specific vision that he wanted for the weight room: one of positivity, pride and power. It was also very important that the weight room graphics be inclusive as athletes from all sports (men’s and women’s) would be using the facilities. With that, the creative team began drafting a vision board that would help ensure we captured the true essence of “Bison Nation.”

After the look and feel was set, we brainstormed all the production options that could be used to implement these designs while keeping their budget in mind. We settled on a mix of 90% vinyl decals paired with a mounted vinyl banner to add some variation. We worked closely with the staff at Bethany to gather accurate measurements for each of the areas they wanted to transform.

There were six areas in total; a few spanning an entire wall. Detailed designs were developed with accompanying virtual mockups to help with visualization and scale. Archived, vintage imagery was incorporated to highlight championship teams from their past and evoke feelings of tradition. The walls were to be covered with inspirational messaging that was meaningful to Bethany athletes and staff. The designs came to life and a weight room filled with Bethany pride was on the horizon.

Once the designs were finalized, The Sourcing Group worked with a local company to produce the vinyl decals and banner and spearhead installation.


The weight room was successfully transformed into something Bethany is proud to showcase! The “new” weight room made its debut during an alumni reunion event and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Not only are the alumni and faculty proud of the weight room’s facelift, but new recruits will also be shown facilities that mirror those of much larger colleges, adding value and potential as they weigh their options.