MultiSource for Healthcare: Strategic Sourcing and Inventory Management

OCC Inventory Management System allows nurses and staff more time to focus on patient care by eliminating the need to place orders or manage inventory by implementing our OCC real-time system with desktop delivery services.

Our unique program will manage all items at the department level, saving each department an average of three hours per month, resulting in hundreds of hours of time savings per facility, per month.

We ensure that each facility is JCAHO compliant through our onsite inventory management system, which closely monitors version control with dedicated personnel assigned to each department.

Our suppliers have the most stringent certifications:

  • OCC Programs – On site cycle counts allow nurses and staff to focus on patients
  • JCAHO Compliant – We monitor all version controls
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • SSAE
  • SAAS Certified
  • PCI – Level 1 security for all credit card purchases

We give marketing professionals within all individual hospitals, clinics and other locations the ability to execute local marketing campaigns via email and print.

Our MultiSource System

Gives all employees one point of access to all of your marketing services including print, video, email marketing, social media marketing, direct mail campaigns and digital assets.

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