When it comes to your ROI, skip the vintage

When it comes to your ROI, skip the vintage

A Print-On-Demand Success Story

When a major NY health care provider approached TSG with a critical, costly inventory overflow, we knew we could help in a big way. For this provider, the road ahead was clear. They needed to move away from traditional offset printing, to a full print-on-demand application.

What is offset printing?

It’s long been lauded as the standard of print, probably because it’s been around for at least a century. The process consists of:

  1. Transferring ink from plate to rubber.
  2. Rolling ink from rubber onto desired surface.

It produces images of really fine quality. Which is great, until you consider it necessitates designing a plate for every unique project! This means you’d better be printing a WHOLE lot of that one design, and turning it around quickly, or you’re certainly not going to be turning a profit.

That’s what was happening with this health care provider. Using offset printing, they found themselves bogged down in unusable inventory—sure, it looked pretty but after its season passed it looked pretty useless. It was a whole lot of pretty, sitting on the shelf!

The Print-On-Demand Solution

With print-on-demand, TSG reduced this health care provider’s inventory obsolescence to $0, garnering $2.5M saved in annual costs. Let’s just repeat that: $0 in inventory wasted, $2.5M saved. There was no change in the quality of the materials printed—only in the accuracy and manageability of resources and product.

Nothing wasted.

No over-orders.

A major money-saving leap into the 21st century, propelled by MultiSource™ technology.

We think there’s no reason sourcing and managing printed materials shouldn’t be as easy as shopping on Amazon. That’s one of the reasons we invented MultiSource. We put print-on-demand literally at your fingertips, because that’s the world we live in! It’s what our customers want and deserve, and furthermore, we know it works. ($0 wasted, $2.5M saved…)

Order precisely the right printed materials, forms, etc. At precisely the quantities you need. When you need them. Stop prettying up your shelves with excessive inventory. Let’s talk about how print-on-demand can be your springboard!

Vintage cars and wine? Yes. Vintage printing? Not when your business’ success depends on it.


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