Business Process Outsourcing

The Sourcing Group is a Business Process Outsourcing Service provider that specializes in the sourcing, fulfillment and accounting for print and marketing collateral. Clients benefit from transparent, vendor neutral processes through our MultiSource technology that delivers consistent, measurable savings.

  • Vendor neutral 3 bid process
  • Complete vendor management services
  • Certified trade partner program plus inclusion of client specific manufacturing partners for client specific private vendor network
  • Minimum 3 bid process on every job
  • Fully integrated
  • Automated on-line cost accounting services with access to over 200 reports
  • Complete transparency to the entire process via our cost plus MultiSource technology
  • Fully auditable


At The Sourcing Group, we find opportunities to generate meaningful cost savings.

As a Business Manager, your focus needs to remain on your core business objectives. We support those non-core issues that can be continuous problems, not to mention a drain on energy and funding. We provide domain expertise to support the necessary insight that addresses critical issues to drive your bottom line.

Our solutions are built around your specific needs and business objectives, from the core service team to the technologies employed to manage your account. We provide a deeper understanding of product spend so you can make more informed decisions and proactively respond to the changes in your business environment.

Our experienced staff will build a customized Business Process Outsourcing program for your organization to:

  • Improve Planning and Forecasting of your supply needs
  • Reduce your spend on non-core material
  • Lower Inventory Costs and Investments
  • Improve your customer services levels


TSG optimizes each point of your supply system from its origin through its consumption. We focus on identifying opportunities across all critical areas of your business, then effectively integrating those into your environment.

Core Areas Include:

  • Supplier Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Profiling
  • Marketing Services Consultation
  • Logistics Solutions

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