Our proprietary supply chain management system, MultiSource consolidates the ordering process, enabling the user to order multiple items from different vendors while logging onto just one site. That means you can combine products as diverse as print and marketing collateral, uniforms and janitorial, packing, shipping and office supplies into a single shopping cart. And by profiling locations, we ensure that users only have access to the items needed by that location. What does this mean to you? Money saved through staff reduction, redirection of employee hours toward profit-driven activities and reduced product costs. Locations will maximize profitability through increased accuracy in the ordering process, time saved not having to interact with multiple vendors and lower product costs. By using MultiSource, you will be able to:
  • Maximize growth and competitive strength without hiring additional employees
  • Reduce costs by introducing highly efficient supply chain management without in-house development or IT expenses
  • Save time and money by dealing with one vendor instead of multiple ones
  • Redirect time and energy toward high-value activities that maximize the strength of your business
  • Enjoy a five to ten percent reduction in product costs
  • MultiSource is fully capable of handling any number of approved users at any one time. State-of-the-art technology allows us to provide the most efficient, value-added services to our customers, including: online purchasing, real-time ecommerce and logistics, international distribution, complete cost-center accounting, monthly summary billing and multiple product management. We are limited only by our collective imaginations.