In today’s corporate purchasing environment, staff is being asked to do more with less.  More diverse needs, quicker turnaround, guarantees of quality with less people and less budget. Purchasing may not be setup to automate the bid/buy process.  Many firms are decentralized and unable to leverage their inherent purchasing power because their processes are in silos, and they don’t have clear visibility into data.  Buyer’s priorities are rightly focused on the strategic components of their business and tend to overlook savings opportunity with premiums and print. Add to this that vendors have their own requirements which means information must be duplicated and customized for vendor systems, often involving re-keying the same information.  This is only when everything goes correctly.  Add order changes, specification modifications, schedule changes, re-routing and canceling and a large amount of time is wasted doing redundant tasks that are not adding value.  Opportunities for real savings are lost among the tasks at hand.

The Sourcing Group has your solution. Our Strategic Sourcing is one of our core competencies.  It revolves around our national network of suppliers and manufacturers that gives a local purchasing agent a reach far beyond the locality of an office or a list of common suppliers who may be taking your business for granted.  Coupled with our own MultiSource software, we deliver a tried and tested process of bringing the best of breed suppliers to bear on your purchasing needs. We will of course include any vendors with a customer relationship if asked.  We are vendor neutral, and our only concern is getting you the customer the items that you need, on time, with top quality at the lowest price.  We’re so sure of the effectiveness that we also provide full transparency into our costs and margins so that we can demonstrate our value.   Our process and systems take your specs and send them to as many vendors in our supplier network as desired.  It collects all the bid information and true costs.  We can compare vendors true cost, and factor in our experience with them, reputation, financial integrity, and their technology to determine who is the best fit for a job.  Our model provides full customer visibility into the process.  We have all job history so annual mailings that may have slight modifications don’t have to be re-specified, although we will always re-quote them to gain the advantages of newer technology and supplier capacity.

Our MultiSource Reporting will clearly demonstrate our value add by showing monthly procurement savings, timeliness, and quality.  We allow the Procurement Department to focus on their strategic buying, while we take care of our on your behalf.  We do the work, so you don’t have to. 

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