Preserving the Environment for Future Generations

Conservation and innovation are necessary to sustain the Earth’s natural resources, which is why we work with companies that create value and develop sustainable, global solutions. Sourcing products from companies that conserve resources, improve manufacturing processes, practice responsible forestry management, and utilize environment, health and safety management systems are just some of the ways we protect the environment and foster sustainability while being able to prove Print On Demand services.

For every ton of wood a forest produces, it removes 1.47 ton of CO2 from the air and replaces it with 1.07 ton of oxygen.


Soy Based Inks

Vegetable and soy based inks avoid the use of petroleum, and release less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.

The Sourcing Group works with trade partners that use soy and vegetable based inks.


We fully recognize our responsibility to be stewards of a greener environment.
•Energy and Conservation. We work with partners who continually look for ways to reduce energy, conserve natural resources, and recycle or eliminate waste.
•Innovation and Alternatives. Our trade partners work together with our customers, and develop products and processes that contribute to resource conservation.


FSC: The Sourcing Group sources from supplies that hold forest certifications. These certifications signify a commitment by landowners, manufacturers, printers and others in the supply chain to use only wood fiber from forests that are being responsibly managed.
LEEDS: The Sourcing Group is proud that its offices in Springfield, PA are Leeds Certified.

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