MultiSource for Restaurants

MultiSource captures store specific information via strategic sourcing. Our system knows the number of windows and doors in each location. It knows if outdoor banners are allowed, and it knows what size and stock is needed for each piece of printed marketing material.

Our software allows the franchise owners and/or store managers to create digital ads. A user can login, create a Facebook, Twitter or web banner ad and get a usable file within 2 minutes.

So what?

This saves the average restaurant chain 25 hours a month. What corporation wants their graphic designer manually creating individual files?

We save the average restaurant chain 20 hours for each national rollout, and we reduce printing costs by 10%because restaurants will not receive materials they can’t use.

We are proud members of:

  • California Restaurant Association
  • National Restaurant Association
  • Women’s Food Service Forum

Our MultiSource System

Gives all employees one point of access to all of your marketing services including print, video, email marketing, social media marketing, direct mail campaigns and digital assets.

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