Discover the Latest Innovation in Multi-Channel Communications with the Sourcing Group

Discover the Latest Innovation in Multi-Channel Communications with the Sourcing Group

New York, NY-based The Sourcing Group has just announced a new innovation in multi-channel communications. The company’s MultiSource OmniChannel solution is designed to engage customers across marketing channels for precision targeting. With integrated real-time analytics and interactive dashboarding, it’s the ultimate tool for the proactive marketing manager.

Today’s marketing teams face a significant challenge: while their customers are engaging with their brands on various platforms, there is no way to tie the data together and highlight the customer journey from the offer to the sale and across the digital and traditional marketing landscapes. It’s a problem that has now been resolved through the MultiSource-OmniChannel by The Sourcing Group.

The MultiSource-OmniChannel product allows companies to deliver personalized messages to customers through any channel with seamless precision. The tool presents companies the ability to switch from one channel to another and to analyze the customer’s buying cycle across all areas. It also presents the ability to send triggered communications at key points in the cycle for a clear return on investment in marketing dollars. Also featuring remote and decentralized web dashboarding for mobile marketing teams, the system represents the next generation in targeted communications for the multi-device, multi-channel marketplace.

To discover more about the full range of features offered with MultiSource-OmniChannel, call the team at The Sourcing Group (TSG) today at 866-332-0553 or visit their business website at





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