A Guide to Omni Channel Communications

A Guide to Omni Channel Communications

Omni channel communications involve using various marketing channels to market and sell products, and to serve customers. Our team here at The Sourcing Group is a known leader in Omni channel communications and continues to develop tools designed to help brands integrate the customer experience across all channels. In this latest post, we’ll explain more about how each the ways in which each of the marketing channels plays a role a customer’s life, and in serving the company’s marketing campaigns.


It’s now one of the most commonly used pieces of technology available to the home user. Mobile phones are ubiquitous and smart brands are now harnessing Omni channel communications to appeal to their mobile audiences. When you check your text messages, you may find that brands are now appealing to you directly with special discounts and new announcements.

QR Codes

Mostly used at special events, QR codes can be used in conjunction with your smartphone to bring you more information about a product or service. Some companies are now adding QR codes to their product packaging to provide select customers with special discounts and to introduce the latest in their product line.


Social media is considered the meeting place of today’s younger generation. They’re chatting on Facebook, exchanging updates over Snapchat and taking pictures of their latest products on Instagram. A growing brand must have a social media strategy if it’s to appeal to the mass online audience. Social media marketing is now helping link online marketing campaigns between the landing page and the offer. It’s helping create the conversation around the brand and allowing growing companies to compete on a level marketing playing field with their larger counterparts.


Print media might be losing ad revenue, but it remains relevant in appealing to certain subsections of a brand’s marketing audience. Consider how often you read newspapers and analyze their impact on the local area. A well-placed print ad still holds value for its link to the local marketplace, and forward-thinking companies are now linking their print and digital campaigns to great success.

Our trusted team at The Sourcing Group (TSG) offers a marketing platform that combines the benefits of all marketing channels to deliver the right message at the right time for your campaigns. To discover more about our solutions, contact our team today!


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