Our software is based solely on meeting the needs of our customers, not suppliers.

TSG‘s MultiSource was developed with a single goal:

Build a solution that will simplify and optimize management processes by using the very latest in scalable technology.

MultiSource delivers Multi Channel Communications Management through a neutral dashboard that manages all types of multi channel communications(and typically siloed) through one integrated portal that manages:

  • Video/Radio/Podcast
  • Direct Mail
  • Packaging
  • Web Banners
  • Social Media
  • Premiums
  • Email
  • Traditional Print
  • Mobile Enabled

Outdated Process

User must access multiple sites for different management channels.

An unclear, multiple-site process means that users must already know both what to order and which vendor to use.

Decentralized sites for printed material, email, direct mail, e-brochures, promotional materials, and videos create confusion and frustration for users.

Focus is on the needs of the suppliers who provide disparate solutions, not on ease of use.

No insight is available on customer behaviors or activity.

Vendor activities are offline and invisible to the end user.

No image or description updates are available without a supplier request.

The process must be repeated for additional activities and orders.

Analytics are offline and separate for each vendor.

Modern Efficiency

User-focused model: Software is designed to aggregate all related management activities in one place regardless of channel, making it easy for the user to access.

On-the-go access: Users are able to access the site from any device, anytime.

Guidance: Software guides users to all the appropriate management activities, materials and solutions, in a single environment. Users select the business management activity that most closely fits their need: cross-sell to existing customers, prospect for new customers, open a new location, plan an event, get ready for a trade show.

Automation: Users set up related activities just once – after that, the system will launch for them.

Transparency and customization: Users and managers view all activities in one place. Corporate users manage updates and changes without intervention from vendors or IT resources.

Customer insight: Real time analytics, functionality for user reviews, surveys and chat capabilities provide ways to further engage with field users.

Powerful efficiency: Software allows marketing teams to focus on building/maintaining relationships, ensuring brand consistency, and driving activity that generates business growth.

MultiSource delivers the following tools:

  • Relationship Management Tools: online surveys, reviews and the ability to ask questions online
  • Integrated Real Time Analytics
  • Self-Service options provide the ability to easily update images and descriptions
  • Intelligent Selections that will build dynamic communications including kits

MultiSource Vendor Neutral Integration:

TSG maintains a certified partner program that brings all forms of media together to offer our MultiSource platform to perform several programs or functions:
• One-to-one marketing campaigns
• Variable kitting on-demand
• Pick, pack and ship programs
• Multiple merge/shipment of premiums, collateral, print and mail
• Event management services
• Remote or decentralized web dashboard access
• Digital management services resident in our fulfillment centers

MultiSource from The Sourcing Group – your platform for the complete management of all your sourcing, fulfillment & accounting for all types of multi channel communications services and events! Contact Us for more information.