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The New Digital Footprint

Supporting agent’s sales efforts used to represent a major challenge. Difficulty in delivering timely messages, offers, and materials to insurance agents in a coordinated manner resulted in lost sales and ran the risk of potential legal liability.

With this in mind, corporate marketers at insurance firms can now extend their reach to the local level to simplify and streamline the sales process through multi channel communications. These new marketing and sales enablement tools give insurers the control they need to manage brand and regulatory compliance, but also provide local agents the flexibility to customize and choose the campaign and message that will work best for their local market.

1. All-in-one Portal for Branded Assets

This is one of the most critical features in helping agents make the sale. The ability to have all available assets accessible in one portal makes it easy for agents to see what they can use, as well as point and click to download the asset or place an order for printed materials. They no longer need to navigate multiple software platforms for each individual item.

2. Multiple Lines of Agent Communication

An engaged agent is a productive agent! The key to fostering a level of engagement that makes someone feel like an integral part of a larger organization is through frequent communication. With this in mind, corporate marketers can now offer multi channel communication to their agent network. These lines of communication include the ability to broadcast information out to the larger audience, receive and accept incoming feedback and foster discussion among network members. These three goals can be achieved through the use of online chat, message board forums, user reviews, and surveys.

3. Easy Local Agent Customization

By offering agents a centralized, permissions-based library of approved marketing assets, agents are given the ability to customize campaigns that can be branded with their personal information.

4. Simplified Legal Compliance

Distributed marketing platforms offer a centralized, permissions-based library of materials that are corporate controlled, yet can also be modified, giving agents the freedom to customize campaigns while remaining fully compliant. Insurers can now distribute new marketing assets that are compliant and remove outdated ones from circulation. This is very important as compliance laws change, products are updated and outdated marketing materials need to be retired.

5. Scheduled Communications

Provides agents with the tools to easily schedule communications for ongoing prospecting, as well as to improve their policyholder engagement during the policy lifecycle.

Our suppliers have the most stringent certifications:

  • SSAE
  • SAAS Certified
  • PCI – Level 1 security for all credit card purchases

We help mitigate risks through version controls. Our up-to-date materials and accurate documents ensure brand consistency.

We can help you grow your revenue and cross-sell to your clients through our dynamic marketing storefront.

Our MultiSource System

Gives all employees one point of access to all of your marketing services including print, video, email marketing, social media marketing, direct mail campaigns and digital assets.

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